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DIY@DG | Dollar General

Santa Treat Jar

Level of difficulty: Beginner

Spread the holiday cheer to your neighbors with this cleverly, cute cookie holder!

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
A) Using red paint, paint the bottom part of the terra cotta pot. Apply additional coats as needed. Let dry. B) Add white paint to the brim of the pot, keeping a clean edge where it meets the red.
Step 2:
A) Paint two of the small wooden circles with black paint. Add two small white dots with the end of a paint brush for the 'button holes.' B) Trim the edges of both circles with strips of silver gems. C) Hot glue both 'buttons' to the front center of the pot.
Step 3:
Bake some cookies and win Neighbor Of The Year with the cutest and yummiest treat!
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