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DIY@DG | Dollar General

Rustic Joy Plaque

Level of difficulty: Beginner

Show off your JOY for the holidays with this rustic touch of cheer!

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
A) Paint the letters with red paint. Apply additional coats as needed. Let dry. B) Using the Silver Metallic Paint Marker, paint the sides of each letter silver. Let dry.
Step 2:
A) Using the Sparkling Gem Strips, add glitzy snowflakes to the letters. Start with the center strip and work out from the middle. They can be as symmetrical or different as you want! B) Add a Pearl to the center for an extra pop!
Step 3:
A) Add Hot Glue to the top corner on the back of the Rustic Plank. Adhere the end of the Red Detail Ribbon and wrap around the front, bringing it to the back on the opposite side. Secure with Hot Glue. B) Repeat the same on the bottom of the Plank.
Step 4:
Hot Glue the Wooden Letters evenly to the Rustic Plank.
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